Jan 1, 2011

A Happy New Year

Dishes I made for the new year.
from left-upper, clockwise,

Black beans (simmered with suger and soysauce. garnished with gold flakes)
Small sardines (roasted, candied with soysauce and suger)
Herring roe (salted, seasoned with Dashi and soysauce)
These 3 are called"basic 3" for welcoming new year. Each reveals wishing for the year.
Such as "wish you can work hard in this year, too" for Black beans. ...wow, sounds like really Japanese-like.
Others are "a lot of descendant" or "large crop", like that.

Shredded kelp, squids, and carrots (pickled with Dashi and soysauce) at the bottom
Red and white salad (pickled Japanese radish and carrots)

The yellow stuff at the center is Datemaki, a kind of sweet omelet made from egg and fish.
And the white slices between bowls are Kamaboko, a kind of fish cake.
I bought them at grocery store.

I'm still a begginer of new year's dishes... Everyyear I have to struggle with cookbook.
Fortunately, these dishes are not so difficult and taste really nice :q
Wish you have a happy new year!!

Aug 20, 2010

Kara age

Deep-fried chicken "Kara age".
Kids and Men love them. Also nice for lunch box.
Seasonings are soysource, Sake, ginger.

Everyday is really hot and humid. And today we enjoyed catching crowfishes. Kids are excited sooo much.

We've got maybe around 20 crowfishes.
Not for eating...just for joy of summer. :)

Jul 27, 2010


Now Japan is hot, humid.
It's too hot to come up with what to prepare. :(

Today's are easy.

Boiled corns
Tofu with ginger, Japanese basil, soysource
Roasted Japanese eggplants (with same herbs of tofu )

May 26, 2010

IRI DOFU: Cooked Tofu

IRI DOFU: Cooked Tofu, tuna, eggs, and leek. seasoned with soy source, black pepper, and salt.
Boiled green vegitable with sesame
Cooked Beens

May 15, 2010

Sashimi again

Sashimi of sardines. with ginger, leek, Japanese basil.

Yesterday, I've bought a knife for fish.Since I've felt stress with using cheap, multipurpose knife for preparing fish.
This new one works well especially for cutting backbones. Awesome.  :)

Here is Kappabashi, Tokyo. Famous strip for kitchen tools and gadgets. I've found fish knife here.

Really interesting for walking and browsing.

May 12, 2010

Steamed chicken with Leek sauce

Steamed chicken with Leek souce
Salad of NAGAIMO (Japanese yam) and SERI (Japanese parsley)
Stir-fly of Lotus roots

Apr 28, 2010

Cooked sardines

Cooked sardines (seasoned with soysource, sugar,  and Umeboshi (salty plums))
Cooked vegitable